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About: Chinese Medicine Man ?Errol? likes Tuina

"Hey! It's here!" - Yesterday morning in the park near Xi Hu (West Lake) Hang Zhou there is a crowd of morning exercise.

People crowded round a western young chap, he was massaging some bystanders one after another free of charge. This generous friendly young man named Errol he come from London. At the moment he is doing a refreshing course in Chinese herbal medicine and tuina massage in a Hang Zhou hospital.

He told me the reporter that he likes Hang Zhou, especially this park near Xi Hu. Every time when he returns to China he like to come here to have a morning stroll and practice Tai chi. He told the reporter 10 years ago he came to Hang Zhou to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Two years later he came to Hang Zhou to specialise in tuina deep tissue massage, Since then he makes a point to return to China twice a year for about 10 days each time to refresh and improve his technique in tuina in the local hospitals.

Madam Sharen (in picture) is a martial arts enthusiast when she was practicing in the park she came to know Errol, through out the conversation she casually mentioned her pain in her neck and shoulder due to constant exercise . Errol voluntary give her a massage. After he finished the massage she feels so much better. Before she left Errol advised her to see a Doctor to have a thougher check up, if the pain still nagging her in order to prevent future problems.

In London Errol has his own Clinic to practice tuina acupuncture and herbal medicine. Jokingly he told me the people he massages that in London he quite easily charges ?100 sterling for a session of 1 hour. Errol will be flying back to London in three days time.