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Tui Na in the modern day and outside China.

In tuina clinics we treat on many levels. Tuina is used as a massage to relax the body, aid repair to damaged tissue, mobilise joints, increase movement of the body and expand the range of movement of all the joints.

When treating an older person, tuina is also used to strengthen the patient, By the use of BO FA, plucking of the muscle you can stimulate the growth and strength of the muscle lessening the muscle atrophy, If these muscles are of the legs then you increase the patients gait and balance while improving their posture. This works very well with patients over 60 years of age.

If the patient is under 40 year of age, then we use more YAO FA, BAN FA and DOU FA as part of the main techniques to improve the range of movement and flexibillty in the hips, knees and ankles. This will help with the patients speed and mobility especially while playing fast sports.

At Tuina UK we are trying to improve the level of tuina practitioners outside China, who do not get the opportunity to visit the main land for their study of tuina, We have started a student to master study program, named after the DVD Tui Na Student to Master Where Errol shows you how to use tuina to treat disease in your own clinic.

People in the United Kingdom have taken the opportunity to study on many of the courses, workshops and in the Walk-In clinics run and supervised by Errol.

In 2008 Errol travelled to Ireland (Dublin) to work with Acupuncturists like Paula Duffin, Anthony Monteith, Tony Ferns who helped arrange workshops for tuina. 2009 Errol travelled to Scotland (Edinburgh) to work with Mr KeI Ngu at the Shivago Tai Clinic teach tuina the Tai practitioners.

You can Register and pay for a course online, once you have registered, you will receive the course notes, tuina jacket, tuina blanket, anmo rou massage cream and the DVD “Tuina - Student to Master”.